Online Divorce

R1,798.00 excl. VAT

What is included:

Fill in your details, our legal team will review and send you your papers.
Attend court on your own, issue papers and attend to Sheriff.

Next steps once your purchase is complete:

Attorney Simon Dippenaar will be in contact with you by email and/or phone within 24 hours.
A 30-minute appointment with Simon can be scheduled if necessary.
If you have any queries, please call or email Simon.


    • Divorce papers
    • Professionally drafted documents

Important Client Notice:

While we make the online unassisted divorce option available for your convenience, it is important to note that we do not advise unassisted divorce, and recommend purchasing instead one of our attorney-assisted divorce packages.

Please note: This option does not apply to divorces with children or significant property, or where there is the need to consult over maintenance, property, or pension.
It is only recommended for an uncontested divorce with no property or child issues to resolve.

Please read for more info about the potential pitfalls of unassisted online divorce.

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