Spousal maintenance post-divorce

Maintenance paid after divorce

How long should spousal maintenance be payable? Long ago, women gave up working when they had children. Even longer ago, they gave up working when they got married, or they didn’t work outside the home at all, waiting for the right man to come along so they could fulfill their destiny as wife and mother. […]

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Celebrity divorce on hold

When it comes to divorce, no one is immune from the pain it causes. We’re sorry to hear of the trials and tribulation of DJ Black Coffee and actor Enhle Mbali as their divorce is on hold. While having vast sums of money to argue about might seem an enviable position to be in, it […]

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High Noon for Devious Parents as Judges Place Children First

Maintenance evaders beware – the litigant with the best typewriter doesn’t always win. Last week a three-judge bench of the Johannesburg High Court pronounced on the level of disclosure required by those appearing in a maintenance court. Both parties must now make full financial disclosure: every detail, including trusts and offshore assets, as well an […]

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