The financial implications of changing your matrimonial property regime

Changing your marriage contract can be a lengthy and expensive process Reprinted from, by Eric Jordaan – 2020-12-01 Image: Shutterstock Many couples, unaware of the implications of being married in community of property, opt to get married without an ante-nuptial contract. It is often only during the course of the marriage that couples become […]

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Ramaphosa signs new marriage and civil union laws for South Africa

SD Law welcomes these new marriage and civil union laws, which aim to strengthen our constitutional right to non-discrimination and to protect women in traditional marriages. Reprinted from Business Tech – 2020-10-23 President Cyril Ramaphosa has assented to two new pieces of legislation which bring changes to some South African marriages and civil unions. The […]

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Choosing a matrimonial property regime

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each matrimonial property regime. Reprinted from – by  Eric Jordaan – Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd – 2020-08-18 Image: Shutterstock One of the most important decisions to make before getting married is choosing a matrimonial property regime to be married under. Your marriage contract has future financial implications, so […]

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The financial consequences of your marriage contract

How your choice of matrimonial property regime can impact you. Divorce Attorney Cape Town has written a lot about ante-nuptial contracts (ANCs), matrimonial property regime, pension splitting, and many other aspects of marriage and divorce law and finances. This article from Moneyweb summarises and supports all our advice. The matrimonial property regime that you choose […]

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Protect your intellectual property with a prenup

It’s complicated: Why more and more tech start-up founders are demanding prenups Young couples contemplating marriage often think of antenuptial contracts, or “prenups“, as something either for their wealthy counterparts or for second marriages, when each partner is bringing a history of asset accumulation to the marriage. In the first flush of love, couples often […]

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Prenuptial agreements – Know the basics

We’ve seen it so often in Hollywood blockbusters. The rich husband drops a bomb on his (usually much younger) wife just before she is to make it down the aisle. The words “I think we should get a prenup”, are usually followed by tears, hysteria and in worst cases a slap across a freshly-shaven face. […]

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