Parental Alienation as a Sign of other Disorders

Sometimes parental alienation masks another personality disorder In other posts we have discussed parental alienation, what it is and how it impacts children during and after divorce. We’ve also covered some of the ways a trusting relationship can be re-established, even after damage has been done. The alienation from a parent does not have to […]

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Divorcing a narcissist

Beware of the pitfalls particular to divorce from a narcissist In another post we talked about the characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and we described some coping strategies that may help to make life with a narcissist bearable. But if it all gets too much, you may feel ending the relationship is the only […]

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Domestic Violence | Out of Control? End Domestic Violence

Understanding domestic violence At Simon Dippenaar and Associates we feel strongly about domestic abuse and gender-based violence (GBV). We know that domestic violence is not perpetrated exclusively by men against women, and there are men who suffer emotional and even physical abuse at the hands of female partners. Intimate violence also happens in same-sex relationships. […]

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Are you in a relationship with a narcissist?

  You meet the love of your life. Charming, attractive, confident, attentive, like you in many ways… what more could you ask for? Maybe you even tie the knot. Then gradually you begin to notice a change in your partner’s behaviour towards you. You experience unwarranted criticism, outbursts of jealousy and anger or… perhaps hardest […]

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