This is why most marriages fail

Reprinted from, by Sergio Miller – 2024-01-08 “I promise to love you for better or worse until death do us part”- these are the promises that millions of couples make to their partners on their wedding day every year.  While the day is often identified as the greatest memory for many couples, the sad […]

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The division of assets on divorce

Image: Shutterstock The nature of your matrimonial property regime will determine how your assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. Acrimonious and litigious divorces are expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining, and only serve to reduce the value that each spouse will ultimately receive in terms of the divorce order. If you’re contemplating […]

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How to ensure your marriage survives the lockdown

Marriage counsellor Chantal Ferreira gives tips on how to strengthen your marriage during the lockdown and avoid divorce.  Happy couple dancing An image showing married couples lined up to go to the divorce court is doing the rounds on social media. Although some people found the image hilarious, for some married couples, it is going […]

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