The financial implications of changing your matrimonial property regime

Changing your marriage contract can be a lengthy and expensive process Reprinted from, by Eric Jordaan – 2020-12-01 Image: Shutterstock Many couples, unaware of the implications of being married in community of property, opt to get married without an ante-nuptial contract. It is often only during the course of the marriage that couples become […]

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The legal case all South African newlyweds should know about

We’ve written about divorcing with dignity in the past, something we think is important for everyone involved, not least the children of the union. Sadly, dignity often goes out the window when a marriage ends painfully. In this case that came before the Gauteng High Court last month, it appears that dignity disappeared before the […]

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Domestic Violence | Out of Control? End Domestic Violence

Understanding domestic violence At Simon Dippenaar and Associates we feel strongly about domestic abuse and gender-based violence (GBV). We know that domestic violence is not perpetrated exclusively by men against women, and there are men who suffer emotional and even physical abuse at the hands of female partners. Intimate violence also happens in same-sex relationships. […]

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