Why is January divorce month?

Many couples start divorce proceedings in January Marriage guidance counsellors and divorce lawyers often refer to the first Monday in January as “Divorce Day”. January has also been called “Divorce Month”. In fact, January is not the month when the most divorces are finalised, because even an amicable, uncontested divorce takes more than a month […]

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Choose mediation over litigation in divorce

Try divorce mediation if you can’t see an end to your separation battles

In a country where almost half of all marriages fail, and fewer than four in 10 unions are dissolved before their 10-year anniversary, your odds are just about even of getting married and staying that way till death do you part. Many divorcing couples think they can go their separate ways, but they don’t consider […]

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Six Key Disqualifiers for Divorce Mediation

Which Path is Best for Your Divorce? The word is spreading over coffee cups and in the carpool lane: if you can handle your divorce through a mediator, you’ll avoid a great deal of drama, almost certainly end up with a fair and equitable settlement, and pay a fraction of the cost. But in my […]

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3 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The benefits of divorce mediation | Divorce, with or without mediation, can be a messy affair, with tempers flaring and strong emotions coming into play every time you meet with your spouse to discuss the terms. In far too many cases, one or both spouses begin to hate the other and want to do anything […]

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