How we break up: an anatomy of divorce

Nearly half of marriages in the UK end in divorce. It can be acrimonious, expensive and hard on family. But it also heralds a new start. Here, a dozen divorcees reflect on what they’ve lived through Reprinted from The Guardian, by Harry Borden – 2023-08-13 Divorce is a harsh word, and a deceptive one. It […]

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Don’t let money ruin your marriage

Couple (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images) Don’t let money come between you and your partner – here’s how to handle finances harmoniously. How we handle money is such an integral part of who we are that it’s hardly surprising it can be a major flash-point in relationships. It’s one of the biggest causes of conflict in […]

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Some hidden costs when you are getting divorced

costs of divorce

Real-life love stories don’t always lead to the proverbial happily ever after. In fact, Stats SA found that four in ten couples get divorced before they reach their tenth wedding anniversary. It has been reported that divorces are on the increase, with more female (51%) plaintiffs prompting proceedings. A total of 55.6% of divorces have […]

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International South African Divorce

Guide to divorce

Are you a South African married couple living abroad needing to divorce? Do you need to get divorced from abroad? Perhaps you own property or have a child in South Africa that needs to be protected? You may have a lot of questions about the process and costs of getting divorced under your unique international […]

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