Social media and divorce

Social media and divorce don’t mix – keep your marriage breakdown private! Do you and your spouse share everything, even logins and passwords to cell phones and personal online accounts? There can be benefits to this strategy. If one of you is ill or injured, the other can deal with important matters and ensure nothing […]

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Marriage is bigger than the individual

Mo and Phindi are faith-based relationship counsellors. They advocate a certain approach that is not for everyone. We’ve seen too many couples who are genuinely unhappy in their marriage, unable to grow, and we don’t think suggesting they “grow up” and persevere is a particularly helpful or compassionate response. We don’t agree that there is […]

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The legal case all South African newlyweds should know about

We’ve written about divorcing with dignity in the past, something we think is important for everyone involved, not least the children of the union. Sadly, dignity often goes out the window when a marriage ends painfully. In this case that came before the Gauteng High Court last month, it appears that dignity disappeared before the […]

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Celebrity divorce on hold

When it comes to divorce, no one is immune from the pain it causes. We’re sorry to hear of the trials and tribulation of DJ Black Coffee and actor Enhle Mbali as their divorce is on hold. While having vast sums of money to argue about might seem an enviable position to be in, it […]

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