Covid-19: Cape Town parents win court bid to fetch children stuck in another province

Two Cape Town parents, who are divorced, have won legal permission in court to travel in the father’s Land Rover to fetch their young children in a different province, to relieve their struggling grandparents. The story involves elderly grandparents, doing their utmost to care for their grandchildren – while both suffering medical difficulties themselves – […]

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How to ensure your marriage survives the lockdown

Marriage counsellor Chantal Ferreira gives tips on how to strengthen your marriage during the lockdown and avoid divorce.  Happy couple dancing An image showing married couples lined up to go to the divorce court is doing the rounds on social media. Although some people found the image hilarious, for some married couples, it is going […]

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Dubai suspends marriage and divorce during virus lockdown

DUBAI – Coronavirus lockdowns may make or break relationships, but in Dubai marriages and divorces have been suspended “until further notice” to avoid gatherings that could spread the disease. File: Couples in Dubai who have already completed marriage formalities must not organise wedding parties “even among their immediate circles”. Freeimages Dubai’s justice department said that the […]

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