Unmarried parents deserve same family advocate rights as married ones, top court rules

Unmarried parents

Reprinted from Business Live, by Tauriq Moosa – 2023-07-03 Divorce mediation act declared unconstitutional in case involving rugby player and former partner who wants to take their children to Australia A law that doesn’t give unmarried parents the same access to the family advocate as married ones has been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. […]

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Co-parenting after divorce

Child care and contact

Parental rights and responsibilities Nothing causes more conflict and heartache in a divorce case than the issue of child care and contact, also known as custody and access (though the Children’s Act has officially changed those terms to place the emphasis on the rights of the child). Financial arrangements may cause arguments, but care and […]

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Parental rights when incarcerated

parental rights when incarcerated

What happens to a parent’s rights if they commit a criminal offence?  According to the Department of Correctional Services (2021), in 2019 there were 162 875 inmates in South Africa, 97% of them male. According to the General Household Survey (2019) 42% of children in South Africa lived only with their mothers. Research conducted by […]

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