How to start a divorce during lockdown


We recently wrote an article on how to start a divorce. Since lockdown, things have changed, and the courts are accessible for urgent matters only.

Lockdown divorce

This means that you cannot start the divorce court process now. You will need to wait until the end of lockdown. However, you do not have to feel isolated or trapped because you are still able to give advice remotely, which you can access here at – divorce attorney.

During lockdown, you may need legal advice on your rights as well as a number of other aspects such as  to maintenance, the division of property, how antenuptial contracts work, leaving South Africa, child abduction, and child care and contact.

To help with this, we recently wrote about how to deal with child custody during lockdown; this can be accessed here.

We can also help start the divorce mediation process during lockdown. This can save you a lot of time, and can actually help you settle your divorce ahead of the upliftment of lockdown. We can prepare your documents ahead of time. When lockdown is over, we can do your divorce in a couple of weeks.

We will do this remotely by phone and email.

If you need to start the process because you need help with maintenance, child care and contact, or protection of assets, call us on 086 099 5146 or email Simon to

The entire SD Law team is committed to helping families navigate legal issues with uncompromising dignity, especially now during lockdown.

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