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When it comes to divorce, no one is immune from the pain it causes. We’re sorry to hear of the trials and tribulation of DJ Black Coffee and actor Enhle Mbali as their divorce is on hold. While having vast sums of money to argue about might seem an enviable position to be in, it can also prolong the agony of the divorce proceedings. This is particularly traumatising for any children involved. We wish Black Coffee and Ms Mbali a speedy resolution and all the best for the future.

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee divorce on hold

Reprinted from Zalebs.com – 2020-06-28

News of internationally renowned DJ Black Coffee and actress Enhle Mbali‘s divorce broke last year but a new report suggests that the split has not been finalized and things are on hold.

A report by Sunday Sun alleges that the famous couple’s divorce is on hold all because of the fashion designer’s demands. She allegedly wants her popular husband to settle her legal fees first, Enhle will reportedly need R4 million for her legal fight with the DJ.

Enhle is also gunning for Black Coffee to pay a monthly maintenance fee of more than R100 000, which is combined with child support. An insider told the publication that Enhle is also seeking compensation for her medical expenses.

Black Coffee this year has allegedly stopped paying for everything for the actress and according to sources is not going down without a fight in the divorce battle.
Enhle‘s publicist Tlhogi Ngwato in a statement to ZAlebs said that the matter is being handled by legal counsel and they would “prefer to keep the details out of the public eye.”

“All parties involved are working together to find an amicable solution. Divorce is not an easy process and the ending of any marriage is difficult.

My client’s priority remains to ensure the health and well-being of herself and her children.

Mbali will forever cherish the memories and the time they shared together in making this family. Mbali continues to respect and wishes Nathi well,” read the statement.

H for hectic but hopefully the couple will find an amicable solution.

Image credit: 2OceansVibe

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