The impact of parental alienation on a child

Parental alienation harms the child more than the parent As tempting as it might be for an aggrieved parent suffering through an acrimonious divorce to want to portray the other parent in the worst possible light, the individual who suffers the most is the child. “Deliberate parental alienation harms the child more than the parent,” says […]

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Child care and contact during the holidays…and don’t forget Santa

The festive season can be a difficult time for co-parenting families Whether you are newly divorced or you’ve been divorced for some time, child care and contact during the festive season is often difficult for co-parents. It doesn’t matter if you practise Christianity, another faith, or none, Christmas is a special day in our calendar, […]

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Children and divorce

What young people say helped them get through their parents’ divorce When parents separate or get divorced, it inevitably disrupts the lives of children, and can take a toll on their mental well-being. Over time, children learn to accommodate the changes – some more successfully than others. Parents often worry about how best to support […]

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