Bill Gates says he ‘messed up in’ marriage in Q&A at Sun Valley’s billionaire summer camp, report says

Reprinted from Business Insider, by Kate Duffy – 2021-07-14 Bill Gates spoke about his divorce from Melinda French Gates at Allen & Co.’s billionaire-packed Sun Valley conference last week, sources told The New York Post on Monday. In an “off-the-record” Q&A session, CNBC host Becky Quick asked the Microsoft founder about his divorce from French Gates, which the couple announced […]

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Woman loses out on late hubby’s R3.5m estate as he failed to divorce customary wife before marrying her

File Picture: African News Agency A customary marriage one simply walked away from years ago without dissolving it through a divorce remains valid even after death. Such a marriage cannot also be rendered invalid because an estranged spouse went ahead and entered into a civil marriage with another person. Instead, it is the civil marriage […]

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Want a friendly divorce?

You may have to wait till at least May, due to the novel coronavirus Source: Business Insider SA  Mar 19, 2020, 06:22 AM South African courts at all levels are imposing restrictions to comply with the call for social distancing in the face of the novel coronavirus. At magistrate’s courts, that means non-urgent matters are […]

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Grey Divorce: Is This The New Trend?

One would think that divorce in couples over the age of fifty, together for years, would not be as common as for younger couples; however, statistics say otherwise. Grey Divorce is now a trend in the 21st century. In the 1990’s; 1 in 10 couples over the ago of 50 got divorced. Now; 1 in […]

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Latest South African Divorce Statistics

StatsSA has published its marriages and divorces statistics for 2017. The report is based on a combination of population censuses, household sample surveys, and administrative data. Stats SA found that a total of 135,458 civil marriages, 2,588 customary marriages, and 1,357 civil unions were registered in 2017. A comparison with the 2016 data shows that […]

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