Marriage is bigger than the individual

Mo and Phindi are faith-based relationship counsellors. They advocate a certain approach that is not for everyone. We’ve seen too many couples who are genuinely unhappy in their marriage, unable to grow, and we don’t think suggesting they “grow up” and persevere is a particularly helpful or compassionate response. We don’t agree that there is […]

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How to manage finances before tying the knot

We’ve written extensively about divorce and finances and about matrimonial property regimes. We always encourage couples embarking on marriage to think carefully about their regime and whether an antenuptial contract is right for them. This article from the personal finance experts looks at financial planning before marriage. We agree that this unromantic but practical […]

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The couple that works out together stays together?

Relationship on the skids? It’s time to hit the gym together A growing body of evidence suggests couples who sweat together really do stay together Reprinted from the Sunday Times, by Devlin Brown – 2021-08-29 You may be familiar with the expression that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s outdated and not […]

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Antenuptial agreement now available to women in customary marriages

A traditional wedding at the Mvezo royal palace in the Eastern Cape. (Photo: Gallo Images / City Press / Khaya Ngwenya) Women in customary marriages can now inherit property, or ask for an antenuptial agreement. David Thomson, senior legal adviser at Sanlam Trust, says once the Bill is signed by the president it will mean […]

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Divorcing Europe: Brexit and implications for international couples seeking to rely on UK divorce law

Brexit has been likened to a divorce on more than one occasion; like many marriages, the UK and Europe’s relationship began with high ideals and a desire for harmony. As time progressed, the marriage strained and the partnership has headed for a messy divorce. Amidst volatile politics in the UK, and a global pandemic, many […]

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