UK: International Divorce – Preventing The Risks Of Parental Child Abduction

This article is from the UK, and the laws in each country are slightly different, but we have reprinted it here because the issue is universal. Taking a minor child overseas for relocation without the consent of the other parent is child abduction, and laws exist to prevent it or recover the child. For more […]

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Divorcing Europe: Brexit and implications for international couples seeking to rely on UK divorce law

Brexit has been likened to a divorce on more than one occasion; like many marriages, the UK and Europe’s relationship began with high ideals and a desire for harmony. As time progressed, the marriage strained and the partnership has headed for a messy divorce. Amidst volatile politics in the UK, and a global pandemic, many […]

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International South African Divorce (revised)

International South African Divorce Divorce is never easy, and where the spouses have different international locations it can be very complicated. A combative, acrimonious divorce is not in your best interests, but it can be hard to avoid when complex legislation makes it harder to reach an equitable settlement. Regardless of the circumstance, a divorce […]

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