Protecting business interests during divorce

business interests and divorce

Business interests need to be considered long before the marriage ends Divorce is a process of financial uncoupling as much as emotional separation. The division of assets may be contested and it may take a while to reach agreement, particularly where a couple has a high net worth. What happens when there are significant business […]

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The financial implications of divorce

Divorce finance implications

Divorce is more than the end of a relationship Divorce is, first and foremost, an emotional event. Or is it? Historically, marriage was often not about love, but about property. Marriage was a foundation of economic and social stability. Marriages were frequently enacted to strengthen alliances or consolidate wealth or land. Marriage formed the basis […]

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The role of mediation in divorce

A mediated divorce can save a lot of pain…and money If you are contemplating divorce, you may have questions about the divorce process. Should you and your spouse share a lawyer or should you have individual representation? Do you have to go to court? What is an “online divorce”? Divorce is a complex unravelling of […]

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Divorce mistakes to avoid

divorce mistakes

Divorce is traumatic, but avoid these divorce mistakes to ease the journey   Are you thinking about divorce? “Thinking about” is the operative word. Divorce is not something (most) people jump into, any more than they jump into marriage. The decision to divorce is often the end result of much soul-searching, usually a lot of […]

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