Unmarried parents deserve same family advocate rights as married ones, top court rules

Unmarried parents

Reprinted from Business Live, by Tauriq Moosa – 2023-07-03 Divorce mediation act declared unconstitutional in case involving rugby player and former partner who wants to take their children to Australia A law that doesn’t give unmarried parents the same access to the family advocate as married ones has been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. […]

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UK: International Divorce – Preventing The Risks Of Parental Child Abduction

This article is from the UK, and the laws in each country are slightly different, but we have reprinted it here because the issue is universal. Taking a minor child overseas for relocation without the consent of the other parent is child abduction, and laws exist to prevent it or recover the child. For more […]

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Children’s Amendment Bill

If you are a parent, here is how the proposed changes to the Children’s Act will affect you South Africa has some of the most progressive children’s legislation in the world. The Amendment Bill before Parliament strengthens protective measures for children even further and aims to close gaps in the child protection system. This article […]

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