I’m in an abusive marriage – how do I find the courage to leave?

abused woman

Your husband’s behaviour is entirely his own fault – but before you take any action, ring a helpline for advice This article appeared recently in an advice column in a UK newspaper. It is heart-rending, and a sad real-life illustration of the challenges women face leaving an abusive marriage or relationship. We wrote a series […]

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What is a “dark empath”?

Dark Empath

Dark empath vs. narcissist We’ve written a lot about narcissism on this blog, because as family lawyers we see a lot of survivors of narcissistic relationships. Narcissism as a trait is unfortunately not uncommon, and can cause a lot of damage to the individual in a relationship with a narcissist. There’s another type of person […]

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Evicting spouse from marital home

Evicting a spouse

Can spouses evict one another from the marital home? Can one spouse evict the other from the matrimonial home? No. A spouse is not a tenant, even if the marriage is out of community of property and one spouse owns the home outright. Spouses have a duty of support to each other which includes the […]

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