Spousal maintenance post-divorce

Maintenance paid after divorce

How long should spousal maintenance be payable? Long ago, women gave up working when they had children. Even longer ago, they gave up working when they got married, or they didn’t work outside the home at all, waiting for the right man to come along so they could fulfill their destiny as wife and mother. […]

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Financial uncoupling after divorce

Financial uncoupling image

In the emotional aftermath of divorce, don’t neglect some important practical tasks Divorce is an emotional journey, but it’s also a practical and financial one. Couples often delay making the break because the prospect of “unmerging their money” is just too daunting. Marriage tends to be a more financially stable regime than singledom, especially if […]

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Marriage is bigger than the individual

Mo and Phindi are faith-based relationship counsellors. They advocate a certain approach that is not for everyone. We’ve seen too many couples who are genuinely unhappy in their marriage, unable to grow, and we don’t think suggesting they “grow up” and persevere is a particularly helpful or compassionate response. We don’t agree that there is […]

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