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Government Employees Pension Fund changes divorce “debt” rules

Government pension fund members will no longer accrue pension debt after a divorce settlement payout We’ve written about divorce and pension sharing recently. It can be the most contentious aspect of a divorce, particularly where one partner is a high … Continue reading

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Protect your intellectual property with a prenup

It’s complicated: Why more and more tech start-up founders are demanding prenups Young couples contemplating marriage often think of antenuptial contracts, or “prenups“, as something either for their wealthy counterparts or for second marriages, when each partner is bringing a … Continue reading

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Coercive control – spotting the signs

Most victims of sexual assault know their attackers…and it often starts insidiously Along with the rest of the country, we at SD Law were outraged and heartbroken by the spate of violent attacks on women that marked this past winter. … Continue reading

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Why have a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a good idea even if your divorce is amicable If you are getting divorced and have children under 18, it’s a good idea to have a parenting plan. In a high-conflict divorce, when parents can’t agree … Continue reading

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Children and divorce

What young people say helped them get through their parents’ divorce When parents separate or get divorced, it inevitably disrupts the lives of children, and can take a toll on their mental well-being. Over time, children learn to accommodate the … Continue reading

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Will a post-nup make your marriage stronger?

This Marriage Week, we look at how a postnuptial contract can strengthen marriage We recently wrote about the vexed issue of divorce and pensions. After the marital home, the pension is often the biggest asset to divide and the one … Continue reading

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Interim maintenance – how to use Rule 43 in divorce proceedings

Interim maintenance can be a saving grace. Don’t let it become a weapon. Have you heard of a Rule 43 application? If you’re going through a divorce, chances are that you have. According to Stats SA, in 2016 there were … Continue reading

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Divorce and pension sharing

Asset splitting on divorce includes pensions – or does it? There is probably no aspect of divorce more complex and contentious than the division of pension entitlement. Despite the introduction of “clean-break” legislation in 2007 by amendments to the Pension … Continue reading

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