Changes for divorce in South Africa signed into law


Divorce Act changes: Reprinted from BusinessTech, by Luke Fraser – 2024-05-09 President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed the Divorce Amendment Bill into law, bringing changes to Muslim divorces in South Africa. The amendment to the Divorce Act of 1979 comes after the Constitutional Court in the Women’s Legal Centre Trust v President of the Republic of South Africa […]

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Greyling case – end of the road for “without accrual”?

Without accrual

A recent judgment calls into question the constitutionality of matrimonial regime When a couple marries in South Africa, they have a choice of matrimonial regimes. They can marry “in community of property”, which means all their assets, acquired before or after marriage, form a joint estate, which is divided equally on the dissolution of the […]

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Choosing a school for your child

Choosing a school

School choice can be a bone of contention for divorced parents When a couple with children divorces, their relationship does not end. They must continue to communicate and share responsibility for their children’s care and upbringing. And that includes school selection. In some locations, the choice of school is obvious. In a rural area there […]

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