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Dr Ilze Van der Merwe
B.A. (Psych) (RAU) B.A Honn (Psych)(RAU) M.A. Research Pysch (Cum Laude)(RAU) M.A. Couns. Psych (Cum Laude)(RAU) D.Litt et Phil.(RAU)
Divorce Attorney Cape Town
Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.
B.Bus.Sci (UCT), LLB (UCT), PDLP (UCT)
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Divorce Process

1. Preparation:

I will consult with you and ask you questions about your life, to assess if the divorce will be opposed or unopposed by your partner.

2. Draft Summons:

To get divorced, one must sue through court.

3. Issuing of Summons:

A file is opened in court, and a case number is allocated.

4. Service of Summons:

The Summons is served to your partner personally by the Sheriff.

5. Your partner decides to oppose or to consent

Opposed Divorce

5.1  Partner files pleading to defend and/or counter.
5.2  Discovery Process – exchange of evidence supporting any claims.
5.3  The Trial.

Unopposed Divorce

5.1  Drafting The Settlement Agreement.