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Category Archives: Children

Where there’s a will there’s a way … to ensure your family’s future

I’m young – why should I make a will? Wills deal with the distribution of assets after death, so most people think of them as an end-of-life issue. Why would someone in the prime of life want to think about … Continue reading

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Divorce: Sad songs – great melodies

  There is no shortage of sad songs with lyrics about betrayal, relationship breakdown, divorce, loneliness, unrequited love, guilt, insecurity, angst, and a host of other associated emotions. Elton John puts it poignantly in his hit song, Sad Songs Say … Continue reading

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How the Children’s Act can influence your divorce

The main focus of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 is that the child’s best interests are put first and foremost in every single case. Divorce is always going to be stressful and highly emotional for all involved – even … Continue reading

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Understanding child guardianship

The topic of child guardianship can become hotly contested within divorce proceedings. Typically, the court grants guardianship to both parents as part of the divorce settlement. But, in very specific circumstances, the court may grant sole guardianship to one parent or someone who is not the biological … Continue reading

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The Difficult Question of Custody

A recent news article made mention of a parent resorting to standing outside a former partner’s workplace every day in a desperate attempt to gain access to their childs custody. Under South African law this behaviour is seen as an … Continue reading

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With which parent should the child reside?

After the divorce, will my children live with me, or my ex? One of the most important parts of your Parenting Plan will focus on the primary residence of your children. Simply put, your Parenting Plan will outline where your … Continue reading

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The Sandcastles Program™

Helping the children of divorce rebuild. More than 20,000 children are affected by divorce in South Africa each year. Continue reading

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

This syndrome includes indoctrination by one parent and the child’s attempt to partner up and assist in this. Continue reading

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